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Vogon Data Recovery Service

We operate a 24 hour, 365 days a year Emergency Service

Whenever you call, you will speak to a human being not an answer machine!

During office hours, Data Recovery enquiries are handled by our dedicated Customer Services team. They have many years experience dealing with Data Recovery problems and one of them will become your first point of contact, available to provide you with information at all times.

Customer Services are backed up by hardware and software specialists from our Data Recovery teams. These engineers are available to assist with solutions to technical problems.

Out of business hours, Vogon's engineers answer the emergency helplines, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We believe that you should always be able to discuss your problem with an expert.

Whenever you call you will be provided with full written details, by fax or email, of our Data Recovery services, what we need to conduct the recovery and how it will reach Vogon. The recovery can commence at any time, day or night. You are always guaranteed an informed, able and courteous response from all our Data Recovery staff.

Levels of Service
When you contact us you can choose from various levels of service purposely designed to suit your individual circumstances, from on-site and 24 hour seven days a week emergency levels through to levels designed for those less urgent situations.

Vogon International now offers a new on-site Data Recovery service for those who have lost their data and need technical assistance at their site.

The Data Recovery Solution
Your Data Recovery is based on a two-stage process: the initial diagnosis followed by the full recovery.

Stage One – Data Recovery Diagnosis
A fixed fee diagnosis is quoted at first contact. This stage is rapidly carried out within hours of your equipment's arrival at a Vogon laboratory. During this important time you will be in contact with an engineer and a written report will be produced and sent to you. Where possible it will advise:

  • The amount of data recoverable from the medium and details, where practical, of individual directories and files
  • Information detailing defects and any other problems with the data
  • A prognosis for the successful recovery of data from the medium
  • A firm quotation covering time and costs to complete your recovery
Stage Two – Data Recovery Procedure
With your approval we then continue with the full data recovery and perform the following operations:
  • Complete the extraction of all data from the media
  • Create or modify software to process the data format and overcome problems found during our analysis
  • Communicate with you regarding any specific requirements, for example the sequence of data to be recreated. You will receive a progress update as often as is practical
  • Copy your recovered data to new media using a format agreed with you. Our in-house conversion systems allow us to return the data in any popular format using tape, CD or hard disk; in fact almost any media you can access
What we need from you
  • The failed media and any other media associated with it, e.g. spanned drives. Our requirements will be made clear at the initial contact
  • Information. The more information you give us about the problem, the quicker the recovery process will be
  • Reliable contact details. Your recovery may be delayed if we cannot contact you for further authorisation or to discuss your recovery in more detail
Data Recovery Security
Your data will be recovered in a unique environment:
  • Data Recovery is only carried out by Vogon's permanent staff
  • Vogon's engineers and anyone with access to recovery systems have all been security vetted by government agencies
  • Our building is a secure site designed for our high security evidential work with a full access control system
  • Our hardware labs are full Electro-Static Protected Areas to CECC00015/1, and include Class 100 cleanroom facilities, to allow uncontaminated access to hard disk mechanical assemblies
  • Our recovery servers are in a high security access controlled area within secure engineering facilities. These have automated fire protection systems and are fully backed up daily onto both duplicate servers, tape and our optical libraries
System backups are held in our fireproof safes.

UK +44 (0) 1869 355255
Freephone 0800 581263
data.recovery@vogon.co.uk USA +1 405 321 2585
Toll Free 1-800 392-5373
München +49 (0) 89 3235030
Köln +49 (0) 2203 91547 400
Freecall 00800 42424200
datenrettung@vogon.de Norway +47 2337 1400
Freecall 00800 42004242

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