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Disk Recovery Process

We operate a 24 hour, 365 days a year Emergency Service

Vogon, the leading Disk Data Recovery company, provides Data Recovery solutions worldwide from our dedicated Data Recovery laboratories.

Our dedicated specialist teams of hardware, software and systems engineers, coupled with an unrivalled Customer Service team, ensure that we provide the most professional and successful recovery service possible.

Data Recovery is performed using a combination of custom hardware, firmware, software and experience. This has been developed either in conjunction with the major peripheral manufacturers or in-house by our own engineers.

Worldwide, our teams of highly trained, experienced engineers work in Vogon's Data Recovery laboratories.

Disk Data Recovery
Vogon's unique Disk Data Recovery procedure involves an imaging process to create a 'safe' copy of the target device or devices. We use imaging to provide a replica copy of the disk on another storage device or to our network, where specialist software engineers can extract the data from the filesystem or data format. By only ever working on a safe or clone copy of the original system, we ensure that we can always return to the original media if necessary.

All software tools used by our engineers are written in-house and require experienced engineers to use them. We even write special programs for individual recoveries. Commercial data recovery tools are all well and good, but we often have to recover data when they have failed!

Vogon specialises in large RAID and disk array systems which are typically attached to server platforms, so our network has to be large enough and fast enough to absorb the largest of our clients volumes.

Part of the considerable investment Vogon makes in its systems is the state-of-the-art networks employed in its laboratories. The UK recovery site alone has over one terabyte of network recovery space, with similar systems used at our other sites. The Disk Data Recovery 'Lifecycle'
Initial contact – telephone, web, email, fax...
We can update you at any time on the progress of your recovery job, as our integrated tracking system allows all of our team access to the latest situation.

Hardware arrives and the diagnosis starts
The hardware will always be looked at by a Data Recovery Hardware Specialist. These qualified electronics engineers have years of disk recovery experience and are the only people able to diagnose a hardware problem; or indeed determine if it is not a hardware problem. Different models of disk behave differently from each other, so what may be the sound of failure in one model may be normal operating conditions to another.

These engineers are well placed to achieve the first part of the Data Recovery process below which is securing the data on the drive, normally by an image copy.

This image, or collection of images, can then be shared with the Data Recovery Software Specialists working on the recovery. These technical teams maintain a constant flow of information back to you, where possible, to keep you informed as events unfold.

A diagnosis is made and a written report generated
This stage is rapidly carried out, within hours of arrival at a Vogon laboratory. During this important time you will be in contact with an engineer.

A written report will be produced and sent to you. Where possible, it will advise:

  • The amount of data recoverable from the medium and details, where practical, of individual directories and files
  • Information detailing defects and any other problems with the data
  • A prognosis for the successful recovery of data from the medium
  • A firm quotation covering time and costs to complete your recovery
Full hardware and software recovery is undertaken
We overcome the failures that have prevented you from accessing your data. When the final software element of the recovery is complete the data is written to the backup media and format of your choice. This data is rapidly despatched to you and support provided for restoring it is always available.

Vogon utilises very large, fast networks for our Data Recovery processes, allowing multiple teams to work on recoveries at the same time. For example, when a Software Specialist requires certain sectors to rebuild damaged files the Hardware Specialists can work at targeting these, while the software recovery continues. It is the ongoing investment in state-of-the-art systems such as these that maintains Vogon as the leading Data Recovery company. Hardware and Software Teams
In much the same way as there are different disk and tape recovery teams, the disk recovery team is divided into two distinct skill sets; hardware engineering specialists and software engineering specialists.

A failed hard disk has the data locked within it and only a highly experienced hardware engineer working in our recovery labs can safely extract it. From the resulting disk image only a highly skilled software engineer can extract data from the filesystem.

These teams work closely on each recovery, with an engineer from each assigned to the project. They can then combine their broad experiences in their own fields to solve the problems posed by each recovery.

The Data Recovery Process
Imaging graphic Within the hardware laboratory the hardware specialists access as much of the disk as they can and produce an image on the network or another device. This can then be shared with the software engineer.

In the case of a physically damaged disk, this may constitute the bulk of the recovery process. Since the image produced from a media damaged disk will have a damaged file system, it will need considerable software work to extract the data from it.

In the case of a corrupted disk, the imaging process may well be trivial compared to the work required to achieve a recovery.

File Extraction
File extraction image Once the image is available, the software engineer will use special extraction software to follow the file system information and extract the data files from the image. All the software used is written in-house.

The resulting files, where possible, are extracted into the same directory structure that had existed on the original drive. The data can then be written onto the customer's choice of return media.

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