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Data Recovery due to Data loss?  
. . . Don't Panic

We guarantee to rescue the maximum retrievable data from your media!

We can recover data from:
  All tape media incl. 9840, 3490, 3570, LTO, AIT, DLT, and DAT
  Any disk from laptop to RAID
  Every storage format, old or new including NAS & SAN
  Any corrupted file, database or email system – Notes, Access, Exchange, Oracle etc.
  All systems... Win 2000, NT, UNIX, Netware, Mac etc.
  Including virus damage – Chernobyl, Code Red, Sircam
Our ability to recover data is unmatched – we do the seemingly impossible such as retrieving data from overwritten DLT, LTO or 3590 tapes, rebuild RAID & multi-disk systems and in our research labs routinely recover from others' attempts at Data Recovery.
Contact us in the way that suits you:
  Call your national office for FREE:  CLICK HERE
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  Call your local collection centre for FREE:  CLICK HERE
Data Matters 
  Our regular email bulletin on data storage, data recovery and data conversion.
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