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Software and tape based data conversion-duplication systems

Summary and technical details

SCSIPAK is a set of system tools which extend the support of tape drives under Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. These tools are designed for data conversion applications using tape held data between the NT 4 or Windows 2000 operating system and other common systems such as UNIX and Mid-Range and Mainframe IBM, DEC and ICL systems.

Vogon’s SCSIPAK software, originally developed in 1990 for MS-DOS, has now been rewritten as SCSIPAK 2000 to run under the Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 operating systems. The utilities are designed for use by the serious volume user who wishes to automate processes – possibly in a bureau or other high volume professional environment.

SCSIPAK software is used internally by Vogon in providing Data Recovery and Data Conversion Services.

Vogon supplies fully configured systems to satisfy any media processing requirement from copying tapes to downloading data from other systems. You may either make use of our bureau service or take complete control of it yourself with SCSIPAK.

All Vogon utility software is developed in-house, allowing us to tailor applications to satisfy any requirements. Working closely with all the major manufacturers allows us to ensure that support is fully implemented and tested for all new tape technologies.

Applications for software range from casual data interchange with a UNIX system for example, major data transfer applications, through to custom software development applications under NT.

We provide training and full installation at every level and where we supply systems on-site we provide installation and support.

Vogon SCSIPAK systems are in use with Government Agencies and major companies throughout Europe and North America.

All development, training and support is handled by Vogon’s own programmers and technicians.

About SCSI
The kernel utilities from SCSIPAK allow for the identification of drives on the SCSI bus, the transfer of data between disk and tape or optical disk and for the copying of data between tapes or optical disks.

SCSI, the Small Computer Systems Interface, has evolved over many standards and years. Irrespective of changes related to bandwidth, speed or electrical characteristics, the interface has stood the test of time and been relatively unchanged in the past 10 years.

SCSI provides a means by which to attach a wide range of diverse types of computer peripherals to a computer system. The commands issued to initiate some form of I/O transfer between a host computer and a peripheral are relatively unchanged over the years. SCSI is unusual in that the peripherals which may be attached can be very varied in type.

For the users of SCSIPAK our environment is the NT 4 or Windows 2000 system. SCSIPAK base pack
The kernel utilities from SCSIPAK allow for the identification of drives on the SCSI bus, the transfer of data between disk and tape or optical disk and for the copying of data between tapes or optical disks. The utilities in the tool-set permit you to manipulate any type of modern tape drive which has a SCSI interface.

These tools are vital for any user who wishes to manipulate tape data under Windows NT. You will no doubt be accustomed to the frustrations when your Backup/Restore package claims a tape is ‘BLANK’ or ‘UNREADABLE’, simply because it contains data written from a different computer or operating system.

The basic power of SCSIPAK is enhanced with utilities to read and write UNIX tar compatible tapes under NT and to download from UNIX cpio archives.

Additional modules are available for processing UNIX cpio, dump and HP-UX FBACKUP archives.

UNIX tar archives, from either the original tar or the modern USTAR, can be restored under NT. Dynamic record conversion allows for line feed delimited records to be modified to ones terminated by carriage return/line feed pairs. Data stored on an NT system can be written to tape as a tar archive.

Extra processing capability can be added to SCSIPAK UNIX by additional modules that support cpio compatibility mode and certain non-compatibility formats, and modules supporting the reading of HP-UX FBACKUP and 16bit or 32bit ufsdump.

SCSIPAK Mainframe
Transferring data from your AS/400, IBM Mainframe or VMS systems is made straightforward and fast with SCSIPAK Mainframe.

Utilities are provided that read data from IBM and VAX labelled tapes containing data written by CPYTOTAP, SELCOPY or VMS Copy. EBCDIC encoded data, even when it contains complex COBOL packed data formats, can be downloaded and translated so that it can be loaded immediately by any leading spreadsheet or database application.

IBM or VMS variable or fixed format records can be dynamically converted to be carriage return and line feed delimited for immediate use under NT.

Additional modules are available that will read data from VMS Backup and ICL 2900/3900 COPY format data.

SCSIPAK Duplication
Data can be downloaded from a tape or optical disk and then written simultaneously to up to seven drives at once. Any requirement from in-house software or data distribution through to major releases of data can be managed comfortably and under your control.

The image file from the tape or optical medium is stored under NT along with an index file which contains details of tape file and set marks, directory partitions, or unused optical sectors. This allows for the duplication of even complex format tapes and optical disks.

Bespoke systems
Vogon will configure a system and provide drives and software for virtually any conversion or duplication requirement. SCSIPAK based bespoke systems are used internationally by corporates and Government Agencies for data conversion, duplication, archiving and forensic purposes. SCSIPAK Developers
Vogon offers facilities to undertake both custom development work using the standard utilities as the basis through to training and supporting clients' own programming staff.

Particular processing requirements can be catered for, in some instances by adding functions to future releases, or else within a few days in the event of an emergency. Prices for such ad hoc additions depend upon the complexity of the work required.

The SCSIPAK developers kit provides the DLL support for tape management and the programmer interface to allow bespoke applications to be developed and maintained by your own programmers. The service agreement element of the Developers Pack allows for development support direct from Vogon’s own programming staff.

Supported Tape Hardware
SCSIPAK already supports a wide range of drives covering almost all technologies. Drives are being added to our supported formats on a regular basis.

DC6000 – SLR/MLR: This is an area which encompasses a wide selection of tape and drive technologies. SCSIPAK supports drives with read capabilities from the early QIC24 60MB format right up to today’s 50GB plus formats.

4mm DAT from standard non-compressed DDS-1 through to the latest DDS-4 drives.

Exabyte: 8mm drives from the Eliant 8505 through to the Mammoth and newly released Mammoth 2 drives.

Sony: 8mm AIT cartridges.

DLT4000, DLT7000 and DLT8000 formats.

9-track open reel tape. We support drives which encompass all available tape densities.

IBM 3480 and 3480-IDRC compatible drives.

IBM 3490E compatible drives.

IBM 3570 drives.

IBM 3590 drives.

HP and Maxoptix Magneto Optical Drives supporting 1.2GB through to 5.4GB.

Support for other technologies can be provided. Internally at Vogon we operate an enormous range of tape drive technologies and are generally able to help with specific requests.

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