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Backup formats

We have recovered data written using a variety of different packages and utilities, these include the following:

Arcserve Backup Exec NT Backup Novell Sbackup
Norton Backup Sytos Sytos Plus Proserve CX
Maynard Mountain Colorado Power Tape Power Save
Sysgen TapeXchange Dosarch Everex
Iomega Backup Eztape Fastape QICstream
Legato Pallindrome    

AS/400 Saveobj/Savelib AS/400 CPYTOTAP IBM MVS Backup
ICL 2900/3900 Copy    

tar cpio ufsDump Multisoft backup
Sun bar HP9000 Fbackup Veritas HSM Solaris BRU

Backup Exec for NT and NT BACKUP
Developed for NT by Microsoft and Maynard, Maynard later became part of Seagate Software. NT Backup and its more function-rich sibling BackupExec have found favour far and wide.

A version of BackupExec is also available for Novell NetWare.

Vogon has developed a whole suite of software dedicated to the recovery of files from incomplete or damaged backup sets, to restore data when a password has been lost, and to recover files when a system failure has left a backup set corrupt and unreadable.

'Backup set inconsistency' is not a problem for Vogon's data recovery specialists.

A market leader for many years, Cheyenne's Arcserve is found in use on the smallest PC systems through to the largest Networks. Cheyenne is now part of Computer Associates and will be with us for many years to come.

Vogon's recovery software will cope with anything from a simple Arcserve Solo for DOS backup through to a complex NetWare save set with NetWare compressed Apple Mac files.

We are continually updating and improving our Arcserve recovery software and believe that we are unmatched when it comes to the situations from which we can recover.

UNIX formats
tar and cpio
Vogon has, over the years, dealt with every variant of the UNIX tar and cpio formats. This has even extended to recovering from a tar backup where log information had accidentally been redirected to the backup device and the backup set had therefore become corrupted.

The more complex inode oriented ufsDump or Backup has proved a much more complex format with which to deal and so we have developed our utilities to a high level of sophistication.

If the front of your dump save set is damaged and thereby directory information is lost we can still recover the files. If an older backup is available we can use information from that to allow the recovered files to be named correctly.

HP9000 Fbackup
This utility is often used under HP-UX since it allows for more sophisticated data management than the basic tar and cpio utilities.

Vogon has written a suite of programs to deal with problems whether logical or physical and has successfully recovered files from every Fbackup set that we have seen.

Mainframe/Midrange systems
IBM MVS Backup and AS/400 Save
Vogon has extensive experience with data written by these utilities. We have internally written utilities that allow for IBM compressed data and for conversion to printable ASCII so that data can be exported to the PC and transferred back via link software.

Vogon also has the facility to generate COPY format tapes containing recovered files.

DEC VMS Backup
Vogon has reverse engineered the VMS backup format to the extent that we can deal with any problem and recover the data.

Vogon is able to generate rebuilt data sets for restore directly to the VAX/Alpha or else to extract files to a PC/Windows platform and from there generate COPY format data for return to the VAX/Alpha.

Vogon's VMS Backup recovery utilities auto-detect the record structure of each file to allow for correct processing and a faster recovery.

HP3000 Store/Restore
The HP3000 Store program records files and their attributes to tape with a complete directory being stored within the first blocks of the save set.

Vogon has written software to allow for the rebuilding of the directory when it has been damaged or destroyed by overwrite or media damage. This process generates a replacement save set from which a complete restore can be effected on to the HP3000 system.

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