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The Virus Threat

Working in the field of Data Recovery for many years, Vogon has amassed a great deal of experience of viruses and their effects on computer systems. Also, part of our company originated within the Dr Solomon’s Anti-Virus company, giving us unrivalled experience in the Data Recovery field.

Recently there have been a number of headline grabbing virus outbreaks, disrupting businesses on a global basis. These outbreaks have resulted in numbers of affected media arriving with us at Vogon, for emergency recovery work.

In most cases, viruses damage data in similar ways to those seen in our mainstream data recovery business.

For example: the Win32CIH or Chernobyl virus, when triggered overwrote part of the ‘front end’ of the disk data area; with FAT operating systems this would overwrite the file allocation either completely or in part. This would need a similar recovery process to that needed for a disk that had FDISK inadvertently run on it.

Recently there has been an explosion of Internet aware viruses, using email to transmit themselves, such as the LoveLetter, Melissa, KakWorm and Pretty Park.

Early viruses of this type only distributed themselves, but with LoveLetter and the modifications of it, they can now overwrite data. The Pretty Park Trojan tries to use IRC servers to create a backdoor into your PC, creating possible intrusion problems and resulting in loss of overall system security.

It is obvious that the virus threat is as real as it has always been and increasing rapidly, but viruses can still damage data in only a few ways and we’ve seen and dealt with all of them!

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